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(Research, Writings & Teaching)

Sanah regularly teaches in academic, clinical and creative spaces. She has delivered online and in-person teaching to diverse professional audiences (e.g. psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and youth workers) of 600+ to audiences in Berlin, UK and Pakistan. Some topics include language and liberation psychology, queer affirmative therapy, and deconstructing whiteness in clinical psychology.


Sanah is a visiting lecturer at a range of universities. Currently, she is working at University of Hertfordshire to build anti-racism and social-justice informed practice as a core competency for training clinical psychologists at a doctoral level. The idea for this work was birthed from her research in deconstructing whiteness in psychology, and has involved developing an assessment criteria, curation of teaching modules, budget management and curating reflective affinity spaces. Sanah is leading on the implementation of this under the supervision of Dr Taiwo Afuape.



Wiley Online Library, Journal of Philosophy of Education, 2022


Prof Peter Kinderman, Jacqui Dillon and Sanah Ahsan and aims to contextualise our ideas around mental health.


The Psychologist Magazine, 2022


Dr Sanah Ahsan, Dr Tarek Younis and Dr Jason Arday


International Society for psychological and social approaches to psychosis


Berlin, Stillpoint Spaces (2021)

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